The Structural Board Association (SBA), which for 32 years has represented OSB manufacturers around the world, has announced that TECO, the certification and testing agency, has finalised an agreement to acquire the assets of SBA.
It was first announced by SBA in April (WBPI Issue 3, 2008, p10) that TECO and SBA had signed a letter of intent and would formalise an agreement. TECO chairman and ceo Steve Winistorfer and SBA president and ceo Mark Angelini worked out the detail of purchase and signed the Memorandum of Agreement which became effective on August 15.
TECO and SBA, along with current SBA
members, have been cooperating to determine which SBA activities and services TECO will
continue in 2009.
“The relationship between the SBA and TECO goes way back,said Chris Reid, SBA chairman and vice president of Langboard of Quitman GA. “They have cooperated in many ways for years and even had a joint SBA/TECO IAC meeting in 2003, so having TECO carry on what the SBA has been able to do makes perfect sense.”