The $23m modernization project saw the complete refurbishment of the company’s original press, responsible for producing particleboard panels used in the company’s TFL line of decorative panels.

In collaboration with Siempelkamp, the effort involved specialized contractors on site at the company’s Lac-Mégantic plant over a nine-week period.

The project began in February and was nearing completion when government authorities declared a public health emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, the project was able to proceed at a reduced rate following the implementation of strict and exceptional sanitary measures to ensure a safe environment for workers and employees.

“This latest investment brings our Line 1 particleboard press to the most advanced, state-of-the-art industry standards, delivering a wide range of benefits to our customers,” said Tafisa CEO Louis Brassard.

Line 1 was one of the first original continuous presses to be installed in North America, more than 28 years ago. “

Our treasured Line 1 was in need of a major refurbishment in order to prepare itself for the coming decades of operations,” Mr Brassard explained.

The new continuous press features the latest technologies available, enabling Tafisa to prepare for a potential capacity increase to Line 1. The investment will provide for more consistent physical properties, better surface characteristics and more precise control over panel thickness, Mr Brassard said.

“With this investment in the latest technology, our customers will get a more consistent product that in turn will allow them to gain efficiencies in their internal processes,” he said.

The project consisted of removing every component of the press, leaving only the structure of the original frame and replacing the heating platens as well as hydraulic, electronic and mechanical components.

This latest investment by Tafisa comes on the heels of the installation of new rotary screens and a gas extraction system on the same particleboard Line 1.

Mr Brassard made a point of congratulating the teams involved in the project, which was delivered in an unusual period that required the implementation of unprecedented safety and hygiene measures.

“With this new press, we’re solidly positioned for the growth ahead as we continue to deliver the world’s leading particleboard and decorative surfaces products.”