At the beginning of 2016, the names and logos of the individual sites have and are being replaced by a single, unified brand image acting as an integrated group under the name of Swiss Krono.

The group is also preparing itself to use organic and external growth to actively take advantage of the development opportunities for modern engineered wood products that will come its way in the next few years.

Significant investment and expansion projects are also being implemented at four locations (Hungary, Russia, Switzerland and the US).

In order to implement this strategy consistently, the corporation is to have a new strategic and operative management.

Beginning October 1, 2016, Martin Brettenthaler will take over as the new CEO of the Swiss Krono Group replacing Maciej Karnicki. Mr Brettenthaler (45) has dual Austrian and Swiss citizenship, is at home in Basel and married and father of two children.

He was educated in economics in St. Gallen and Paris and worked for a few years as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group before entering the timber industry 15 years ago.

Maciej Karnicki, who, in his dual role as the CEO of the Swiss Krono Group and as the site manager of the corporation’s largest factory in Poland, has efficiently pursued a successful course for the group.

Now, at his own request, he will in future be responsible for and develop business activities of the Polish production facility.