Sunds Fibertech together with John King has over the last year upgraded the original design of the Kuster chain to increase the lifetime of the chain and its performance. The Sunds Fibertech roller carpet chains will be manufactured by John King and marketed and sold worldwide by Sunds Fibertech. Sunds Fibertech can now supply all sizes, 1, 2, 5 and 10 fold chains in 1, 2, 5 and 10 metre lengths, each piece pre-prepared for a fast in-press exchange. Chains can be delivered folded in boxes or in a rolled up version for easier installation.

Sunds Fibertech will also offer single items such as individual rollers, pins, and links to service existing chains in the press. The chains are made from an improved material with a higher strength and hardness than original chains to improve lifetime and wear resistance. A new easy fit connection has been developed to speed up installation and avoid riveting inside the press.

The new chain will be delivered at a competitive price from stock starting from September 2017. By offering chains Sunds Fibertech will provide a full range of service and spare and replacement parts for the Kuster Press.

Sunds Fibertech has also developed “ChainMax”, a new chain cleaning system that will keep chains clean and improve chain performance and lifetime in your press. The system automatically remove charred oil from the chain links between the carpet rolls of the Kuster continuous press. A new chain and belt tracing system will be launched in September 2017.

With representatives worldwide, Sunds Fibertech offers selected single machines, upgrades, service and parts for MDF and wet-process hardboard lines. The company has its roots in companies such as Sunds Defibrator, KMW, Motala Verkstad, ABB Fläkt, Metso panelboard and Dieffenbacher.

During the LIGNA exhibition, Sunds Fibertech will launch several new products. l