Paged has started collaborating with Stora Enso to meet their customers’ demands for bio-based and more sustainable plywood. This partnership also allows Paged to cut product carbon emissions.

For nearly 90 years, Polish plywood manufacturer Paged has offered a wide range of plywood products to customers in Europe. Lately, plywood customers, within construction and furniture applications especially, have been asking for more sustainable high-quality plywood. 

With Lineo, Paged has the possibility to replace 40% of fossil-based glue with lignin. The ultimate goal for Paged is to be able to achieve several thousand tons of reduction in carbon emissions.

“Sustainability is particularly important in the wood industry,” said Jaroslaw Michniuk, CEO of Paged. 

“Currently we are working on several initiatives that will contribute to a more sustainable environment starting from the use of more renewable energy in production to products which are fully made from sustainable components.”

Lignin is a plant-derived polymer found in the cell walls of almost all dry-land plants. In the case of Lineo by Stora Enso, the Lignin is derived from trees.

Paged is now one of the five largest producers of plywood and the third largest producer of wooden chairs in the European Union. It employs over 2,000 people and has seven production facilities in Poland and Estonia.