It is the fifth time Starwood has chosen Siempelkamp’s ContiRoll press technology for its panel mills and the second time it has ordered a thin board plant for the production of MDF/HDF.

The Inegol site has so far been used for particleboard production.

The new line will supplement the capacity of approximately 750-800m3 per day currently being produced on Starwood’s first 7ft wide MDF line. The new 8ft wide line is designed for a capacity of an additional 1,000m3/day with board thicknesses of 2.7mm to 3mm. Starwood is also able to produce MDF and L-MDF up to 22m thick.

“Very thin MDF boards are increasingly being used, for example, as furniture back panels, top layers of doors or drawer bottoms,” said Siempelkamp.

“Thin MDF can only be produced economically with very fast-running plants.”

The new plant for Starwood is therefore designed to run at 2,000mm/s. The core of the scope of supply is the moulding and press line around the 9th generation ContiRoll continuous press in the 8ft x 28.8m format.

Also included in the delivery range is a fibre dryer from Siempelkamp’s subsidiary Büttner, as well as the glue dosing system including Ecoresinator.

Assembly will start in mid-2021, with first board production expected for the end of 2021.