The new Texan customer ordered two press lines each consisting of a fibre classifier, mat forming, forming line and the multi-daylight press yielding millions of door skins per year. For the press line design, the focus was specifically on the wide product variety, combined with the minimization of trim waste. 

An order was also placed an order with Siempelkamp subsidiary Büttner for two fibre dryers and an energy plant. 

The investment gives Steves & Sons the ability to enter the door skins manufacturing business. 

For the process heat supply of the mill, Büttner contributes an energy system, based on biomass combustion, including flue gas pre- cleaning as well as two fibre drying systems. The energy system not only supplies thermal energy to the drying systems, it also heats thermal oil for press heating and generates steam for wood defibration. 

Commissioning and start-up is scheduled for 2024.