At an extraordinary shareholders' meeting held in January, the Siempelkamp shareholders unanimously elected Dr Bockemühl to the Siempelkamp Advisory Board. 

As a partner and managing director at Boston Consulting Group, she co-led the global Digital Economy initiative and drove the development of the digital business. 

Subsequently, as a partner at Bain & Company, she set the tone in the EMEA Digital Practice Leadership team and oversaw digital transformation projects at numerous large companies. She then held the position of vice president & partner Global Business Services at IBM, where she was responsible for overseeing the area of digital agencies and digital consulting services. 

As Senior Vice President Strategy & Transformation at Diebold Nixdorf, she was responsible for the global transformation program in Operations, which included the entire value chain from R&D, supply chain, production to service business.

“Digitalization plays a significant role in the future direction of the Siempelkamp Group,” said Martin Scherrer, CEO of the Siempelkamp Group.

“We therefore welcome Dr Melanie Bockemühl as an advisor who will support us in consistently advancing our digitalization initiatives,” said Martin Scherrer, CEO of the Siempelkamp Group.