Krefeld-based Siempelkamp said the business success was confirmed in all its operational areas – Machinery and Plants, Casting Technology and Nuclear Technology. 

“Our realignment in the area of sales, process organization, and global manufacturing excellence, which was initiated in 2020, has proven its worth in all areas and has borne fruit in 2021," said Dr Martin Stark, CEO of the Siempelkamp Group.

The company said its core wood-based materials industry market proved particularly successful in 2021, with orders from both long-standing existing customers and new customers worldwide.

The Group was also able to achieve numerous sales successes in the competence fields of metal forming presses and composite presses. In total, 24 large-scale plants were ordered across all areas.

Within the wood-based panels industry, Siempelkamp says it continues to push forward the realignment of board production. 

“Climate change and the scarcity of resources require solutions for the use of alternative raw materials,” it said.

“Depending on their local raw material supplies and their market situation, wood-based panel producers can resort to new, resource-saving processes. The company's innovation concept focuses on the topics of environmental technology and recycling.”

In the area of digitalization Siempelkamp said its solutions also meet with great demand.

In 2022, Siempelkamp intends to continue its path of implementing new processes and investing in its realignment. 

“Our global production network with locations in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, and China is characterized by the idea of efficiency as well as our commitment to customer proximity and top quality,” said Samiron Mondal, managing director of Siempelkamp Maschinen-und Anlagenbau GmbH.

“Our concept of global production management, which we launched in 2020, is having a positive impact here. On the one hand, in a diversified market we provide precisely the support that is tailored to the raw material supplies and the needs of our customers. On the other hand, plant operators benefit from a holistic concept which ensures quality and efficiency in all areas from the use of resources to logistics.”