The wood-based panels technology specialist says the move is designed to support profitable growth in existing and new markets, agile and lean processes for the entire Group, leveraging more synergies.

Martin Scherrer, CEO of the Siempelkamp Group, will be working with Samiron Mondal, Stefan Wissing and Dirk Howe, who in future will each be leading a newly formed Business Unit. 

Companies will be grouped together in the Business Units so that they can co-operate much more closely with each other and together will be able to address their focus markets in an even more targeted manner.

Martin Sieringhaus as Chief Financial Officer, Stefan Ziemes as Chief People Officer as well as Axel Baumeister as Chief Technical Officer are also part of the leadership team. 

“Leading a company successfully into the future requires collated perspectives and forces,” said Mr Scherrer.

“In the 140th year of our company's history, we are making our company more modern, more efficient, closer to our customers, resulting in it being more powerful than ever.”