The Siempelkamp particleboard project in Belarus, the contract for which has been ready for signing since 2008, was deferred as the necessary budgets were not available.

Now a government guarantee ensures the approval of a loan for the wood based products manufacturer Ivatsevichdrev which has received the guarantee by decree from the president of Belarus.

The particleboard plant is said to guarantee Ivatsevichdrev a daily capacity of 800m3/day and was designed, per customer request, with a reserve of an extra 30%.

This makes a capacity of approximately 330,000m3 of particleboard per year possible and thus almost doubles the country’s production capacity.

Belarus is located in northeastern Europe and borders to Poland, Russia and the Ukraine as well as Lithuania and Latvia in the north. With just under 10 million inhabitants, the per capita consumption of wood based materials is not very high compared to Western Europe and offers considerable room for growth.

The plant will be built in Ivatsevichi, a city half way between the Polish border and the Belarusian capital of Minsk. The contract provides for a broad range of Siempelkamp services in the areas of front end, press and finishing line.

Construction start is scheduled for the first half of 2010.