The process of ‘matchmaking’ is going on throughout Germany as  the VR Business Club connects medium-sized and large companies, institutions and media companies with suitable technology experts.

The focus lies on meetings and projects in virtual space, enriched by an international network of contacts. Topics such as artificial intelligence, perfect 3D data, virtual communication, virtual reality, augmented reality and digital dignity are now providing additional impulses.

"The Siempelkamp Group has been dealing with VR tools and their integration into our business processes and offers for quite some time. By becoming a member of the VR Business Club, we expect an exciting exchange with companies that approach the field of virtual reality from a variety of perspectives;” said Carola Lenkewitz, head of marketing and communications of the Siempelkamp Group.

“Networking with executives and decision makers of other medium-sized and large companies, start-ups, consulting firms, agencies of all industries that use or would like to use virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality will help us."