Russian plywood was used for the manufacturing of gas carriers for the first time. The shipments were carried out as a part of Yamal LNG Project. It is planned to construct one more tanker with the use of Sveza’s products within that project.

A specialied product Sveza Gas NO96 was provided for the construction of the carrier. Plywood acts as the main structural element of LNG tankers that takes most of the load from the movement of liquefied gas during transportation.

Sveza Gas NO96 is characterised by low thermal conductivity and, as a consequence, the ability to withstand extreme temperatures from +80°C to -163°C. Sveza Gas NO96 is made of 100% birch veneer in accordance with the BB/BB criteria. This variety is characterised by a small number of twigs (holes from the dropped twigs are not more than 30mm) as well as by absence of defects in the inner and outer layers (the width of the split cracks is not more than 5mm).

Sveza Gas NO96 is produced on Sveza’s production site in Saint Petersburg.