Vyatskiy Fanernyi Kombinat has a birch plywood mill in the Kirov region for which Raute delivered the entire production process in 2006. The present order received by Raute includes the entire production process of a birch plywood mill: log handling, two veneer peeling lines, two veneer drying lines, two veneer composing lines, automatic veneer patching line, two plywood lay-up and pressing lines, plywood edge cutting, puttying and overlaying lines.

The order also includes an automatic veneer patching line and an overlaying line to Vyatskiy's present mill.

The deliveries of the machinery and equipment for the new mill are scheduled for the Q2, 2017 to be followed by the machinery deliveries to the present mill.

The equipment will be engineered and produced in Raute's units in Nastola, Shanghai and Kajaani.