The renowned university has courses on wood technology, interior engineering, wood building and construction, plus civil engineering with focus on sustainable and energy-efficient construction using wood.

Rosenheim is the one of the world’s leading academic training institutes in the world of wood and one of its promotional messages is “Let me through, I’m a wood engineer!”

Wood panel industry technology manufacturer Siempelkamp is represented on Rosenheim’s industrial advisory board by its head of sales wood division Ulrich Kaiser.

The advisory board, which brings together a cross-section of wood technology/materials experts, is also represented by the likes of Egger, Kronospan, Homag, Hülsta, Leuco and Binderholz.

“There are many reasons why activity in this group is a pleasure and an honour for me,” said Mr Kaiser.

“I can pass my practical experience onto the next generation and, in addition, the faculty’s topics, such as process digitisation or improvement of material efficiency, are exactly the challenges which also drive Siempelkamp. This creates a great opportunity to learn from each other and to feed the knowledge gained from the network back into our own companies.”

“The wood materials industry has a lot of power and influence,” added Prof. Dipl-Ing Torsten Leps. “As a faculty, that is what we are aiming at.”

Rosenheim has 1,000 students, 26 professors and 22 labs in the Faculty of Wood Technology and Construction.