Operating profit, at €+8.1m (more than tripled from the previous year.

Undiluted earnings per share were €1.65 (€+0.59) and diluted earnings per share were €1.64 (€+0.59).

Raute’s net sales and operating profit for 2016 are expected to remain at the same level as in 2015. Tapani Kiiski, president and CEO said: "I am pleased with our performance in 2015. Order intake, net sales and operating profit were all at a record high.

"Our profitability shows a threefold improvement on the previous year, owing to the increased net sales but also to the development measures we implemented.

"The order intake is an indication of our customers’ confidence and of our good competitiveness, while the increased net sales prove that our delivery ability and the flexibility of our capacity are in order," said Mr Kiiski.