Plans to build a 500,000m3 capacity OSB mill in the Vologda region of Russia were recently unveiled at a London press conference .The €130m project was shown in detail during a visit of a trade delegation from the Vologda region.

Currently, central Russia has no OSB production, with all its OSB imported. The new plant in Vologda, scheduled to be in production by 2013, coupled with another €150m OSB factory project in neighbouring Karelia province, set for opening next year, will change that mix.

Two companies – Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture and timber harvesting and processing company Vologda Lumberers (VL) – are embarking on the project, backed by the Vologda region government. VL, which cuts about 1.7 million m3 of timber annually, will supply wood raw material mainly in the form aspen and coniferous species.

The 42ha site is being built on the site of a new industrial complex in Sokol.

Dieffenbacher has been selected as the machinery supplier with phase one construction expected to start this year, delivering a capacity of 250,000m3 in 2013 with phase two (2017-18) increasing annual production capacity to 500,000m3.