Ecuador finished 2017 as the main supplier country of PB/MDP to the important Peruvian market, with a 38.9% share of total imports, equivalent to US$32.6m; followed by Chile with a 33.2% share equivalent to US$27.7m, Spain with 14.3% (US$12m) and Brazil with 13% (US$11m) of total imports in 2017.

The main importer in 2017 was again Novopan Peru with a stable US$31.3m (2016: US$31.3m) and a 37.4% share of total imports of PB/MDP in the country.

Arauco Peru followed with imports of US$16.2m (2016: US$15.2m) and a share of 19.4% of total imports; in third place came Grupo Martin with US$11.4m (2016: US$9m) and 13.6% share of total imports; Masisa Peru with US$11m (2016: US$9.8m) and 13.1% of the total, and Interforest with US$5.4m (2016: US$2.8m), which represented 6.5% of total imports and the highest growth in the year (96.9%) among the main importing companies.