The strong recovery of Peruvian imports of PB/MDP was noteworthy in the last two months of the period (April and May), considering that in the first quarter of the year they had fallen 13.8%.

During the 5M-2018 period and with an increase of 22.8%, Ecuador continued as the main supplier country of PB/MDP to the important Peruvian market with US$15.7m (5M-2017: US$12.8m). It was followed by Chile, with USD 10.6 million (5M-2017: USD 10.9 million), Spain with US$6.1m and Brazil with US$3.7m. Peruvian imports of PB/MDP of Spanish origin showed the highest growth in the first five months of 2018 (+ 37.6%).

The main importer in 5M-2018 was Novopan Peru with US15.2m (5M-2017: US$12.3m), which represented a strong growth of 23.9% and a 40.8% share total imports of PB/MDP in the country.