The panel maker, which produces board based on sugar cane bagasse and pine wood pellets and resin, already sells some of its production in the other Andean states of Bolivia and Colombia.

Tapesa, part of the diverse Peruvian conglomerate Grupo Gloria, recently invested around US$1.37m to upgrade the low pressure melamine laminating line at its plant in Trujillo, northern Peru. It relaunched the line introducing new European style finish designs.

This year, despite lower domestic demand due to a recent national construction sector slowdown, the company expects to achieve double digit growth. Looking ahead, the group predicts Tapesa’s investment along with its market expansion should result in 2015 growth of 15%, reports Peru’s business daily Gestión.

The panel plant is located at the heart of a sugar cane growing region near several sugar mills. Grupo Gloria is involved in several business areas among them food and dairy, agribusiness including sugar, cement and paper. Tapesa produces a range of raw unsanded, sanded and laminated particleboard.