Pavatex gives Siempelkamp order for wood-fibre insulation board plant

30 January 2012

With its special expertise in the area of insulation board plants, Siempelkamp has taken an order from a leading supplier for sustainable insulation materials, the Pavatex Group, for a complete plant for the company's location in Golbey Cedex, France.

The Krefeld specialist for machine and plant engineering has distinguished itself as the only manufacturer for 8.5ft wide plants.  

 Siempelkamp received the order for a complete wood-fibre insulation board plant. The concept is based on a special process used in the industrial manufacture of thick fibre insulation boards, the Siempelkamp-developed continuous dry-process. With this process, the Krefeld company is said to have set a milestone in regards to board quality and manufacturing costs and that it can call itself the inventor of this technology.  

Furthermore, Siempelkamp is the only manufacturer which has built 8.5ft wide lines to date. This size opens up clear advantages for the operator including higher capacities, less trimming, and a higher product variety.