Supplier CMC said it completed the installation in record time, allowing the customer to go back into production after a very short shutdown of 23 days, during which the old mat formers were dismantled and the new ones assembled.

Scope of supply for this plant for CMC included conveyors, dosing bins, forming heads, electrical plant and automation system. Installation and testing continued 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The new mat formers achieved all planned and contractual capacity values.

"The result was achieved through the tight cooperation between CMC personnel, Siempelkamp, the customer and local contractors," said a spokesman for CMC.

The forming machine is designed to produce particleboard from 6 to 40mm thickness and, through width adjustment, can produce boards from 1780 to 2650mm.

"Thanks to belt scales inserted in each dosing bin, after a controlled stop of the line, the mat weight can be reached very quickly, with only four metres of mat having been discharged into the reject hopper and only four minutes were required to stop and re-start the production," said CMC’s spokesman.

"Cross weight distribution is constantly within ±12vd for all thicknesses (from 8 to 40mm) and all guarantee tests have been passed."