A successful sale for Siempelkamp in Eastern Europe took place in June when the Belorussian company VMG Industries Ltd signed a contract for a complete particleboard plant which is scheduled to be built at the Mogilev location in 2011.

This plant will be the first of its kind which Siempelkamp has designed to meet the special need for smaller capacities.

The main item of this order is a 7ft x 15.5m ContiRoll press, and Belgium Siempelkamp subsidiary Sicoplan has been commissioned with the planning and engineering. The expertise of the group in the front-end area including machinery for chipping, particle production, screening, sifting and glue bending is also part of the order.

The dryer will be supplied by Bütter, the mat-forming machine by the Italian Siempelkamp subsidiary CMC Texpan. Siempelkamp Handling Systeme GmbH (SHS) will be responsible for the cooling and stacking line as well as the sanding line.

With the new equipment VMG will produce 2100 x 2800mm particleboard with a thickness ranging from 8 to 40mm with a capacity of 150,000 to 165,000m3/year. The exclusive customer of the boards will be the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA.