One of the world’s most striking and high performance timbers – Parallam – has celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The product, invented by MacMillan Bloedel and now a Trus Joist engineered wood product as part of the Weyerhaeuser group, has since become a significant product in the North American wood framing industry.

The beam and post product comprises long veneer strands laid in parallel alignment with the length of the beam and bonded with adhesive in a press and microwave process to provide high strength, long-length beams for extended clear spans and open floor plans in wood-framed buildings.

“Parallam PSL’s high-strength and long lengths allow architects and builders to use wood framing in applications that might otherwise have been built with concrete or steel, which are more expensive and require specialised labour,said Carlos Guilherme, vice-president of engineered lumber products for Weyerhaeuser.