Panel Plus, a wood based materials producer in Thailand, has ordered an entire HDF/MDF plant from Siempelkamp for its Hat Yai works.

Bangkok based Panel Plus is a member of the Mitr Pohl group, claimed to be the largest sugar manufacturer in Asia.

The company already runs three particleboard plants. The first particleboard plant to process sugar cane trash (bagasse) began operation in 1992 in Khon Khaen.

The two particleboard plants in Hat Yai were taken over in 2004 and are being run with the help of Siempelkamp’s ContiRoll technology.

The Mitr Pohl group is also Thailand’s largest producer of laminated products.

The new plant means that Panel Plus will also be able to manufacture MDF. Depending on board thickness a capacity of up to 1,000m3/day is anticipated.

The plant has been designed for both thin boards up to a thickness of 2.5mm and boards up to 40mm.