Italian company Pal says it is a world leader in machines for the treatment and processing of fresh and recycled wood in the production of particleboard, MDF and OSB; for the production of pellets; and for biomass preparation for energy plants. It has more than 3,600 machines working worldwide.
The recent changes in the company structure and the enhanced synergy with its partner Imal have breathed new life into the company, further strengthening its position in the market, says Pal.
The R&D team has been developing innovative systems to improve efficiency and cut production costs. During the last year, many patent applications were presented concerning wood cleaning and processing systems.
Pal says the wide range of machines, and the strong synergy with IMAL and other Italian companies in this field, enables it to tailor its solutions to its clients’ needs.
Customer-oriented after-sales service is another key attribute, says Pal.
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