The new home, a Keystone model by Beecher & Dill, is under construction in suburban Chicago and has become a learning tool for builders, architects, and code officials to experience and observe new more efficient framing practices.

The Inside View project, a demonstration house, provides a look at straightforward energy-efficient construction techniques that can be replicated in nearly any house.

It features advanced framing practices such as 24in on-centre spacing and corners and headers that provide more space for cavity insulation.

The robust floor system has 24in on-centre spacing, allowing for ductwork runs while eliminating about one-third of the required joists and subsequently requiring one-third less labour and adhesive.

Higher-series, deeper 14in I-joists allowed the builder to avoid double joists and, in combination with an upgraded 7/8in OSB subfloor, resulted in a stiff floor system despite the wider spacing.