Explains Walter Mooslechner, sales director, Danzer Veneer Europe: “We teamed up with the specialists from Rieger Orgelbau to implement a fascinating project for the organ at St Sebastian¹s Cathedral in Bratislava. We looked at different types of wood together ­ ultimately deciding in favour of the two maple veneers as they harmonise very well with the numerous gold accents found elsewhere in the church.” 

Rieger Orgelbau is an Austrian firm of organ builders with a tradition that stretches back more than 170 years.

The renowned annual international Bratislava Organ Festival features, in addition to classical organ music, conventional jazz and world music pieces as well as instruments including saxophone and bagpipes. The 2018 festival, ran from June 19 to July 17, and played out at various churches, cathedrals and concert halls in the Slovakian capital.