To achieve that output from its continuous 17m long press line, the Ecuadorian producer extended the Dieffenbacher ClassiFormer forming section and installed a second Recalor drum drier.

In addition, the Quito-based company has added Imal’s innovative ‘Dynasteam’ mat steam injection system to boost press capacity.

Novopan, which is continuing a major investment programme to upgrade and improve production at its Itulcachi plant, has also just installed Dieffenbacher’s ‘EVOjet P’ gluing system to cut resin costs and improve line precision.

In January 2014, Novopan plans to boost panel finishing capacity at its Itulcachi plant with the addition of a 400 panel/hour Siempelkamp low pressure laminating line. This double board line will produce up to twice the output of its two large existing lines.