The equipment includes the forming line; the screening, blending and resin system; the heat-energy system, dryer and Wesp stack – which have been purchased from Germany and Italy – and the finishing end, which has been ordered from the US.

Construction of the ‘lay down’ area for the equipment to be stored before installation has been completed, along with the future logging yard.

At present, the foundations – stretching over 200m – are underway for the press, together with the main building and dryer. A ‘new’ continuous press has also arrived in Scotland and is awaiting delivery once the site is prepared. Once operational the press will significantly increase the capacity of OSB production at Inverness and with further potential for further expansion.

The press was decommissioned from Norbord’s Grande Prairie mill in Alberta, where it was deconstructed and packed into 80 shipping containers.

These were trucked across Canada and shipped from Thunder Bay, Ontario, across the Atlantic to the port of Nigg, near Inverness.