The order for a new OSB drum dryer with the corresponding energy plant has been placed with the Siempelkamp subsidiary Büttner.

The single-path drum dryer sized 6.5 x 36 R will have a throughput capacity for dry strands of 45 t/h. Along with the air process equipment, steel support structures and insulation, the scope of delivery will also include a 500m³ wet-material horizontal metering bin.

The energy plant with a total combustion capacity of 55 MW will use a 75m² grate to generate around 40 MW of flue gas for heating the dryers and 15 MW for heating thermal oil. As with the drum dryer, Büttner will also be supplying the entire range of equipment from a moving floor for the fuel storage to the primary circulation system for thermal oil, which will include the piping, brick lining, steel construction, and insulation.

The complete assembly of the dryer and energy plant is also part of Büttner's scope of delivery and is scheduled to be concluded by the middle of 2017.