NFP Europe appointed agent for Tecsol

18 January 2012

NFP Europe Ltd has been appointed UK agent/distributor for Italian laminated wood products manufacturer Tecsol.

 “We have decided to put a lot of time and effort into engineered wood,said NFP director Michael Stubbs.

He said the UK was playing catch-up in terms of the use of laminated wood for joinery. “But in the last 18 months we have seen a large increase”.

“I believe there is going to be more and more engineered wood. Europe has been using it for many years and the UK has been slow to catch up,said Mr Stubbs.

NFP has already been supplying laminated redwood from Estonia.

Tecsol products it is looking to supply include scantlings, straight sections, curved beams, as well as laminated sapele and oak.

NFP has already won a trial order with a major timber company.