The new team comprises Martin Scherrer (incoming CEO) Martin Sieringhaus (CFO), Stefan Wissing (COO) and Samiron Mondal (CSO).

Family members in attendance were Christian Siempelkamp, Dr Dieter Siempelkamp (managing director of the third generation and honorary chairman on the advisory board of G. Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. KG) and Philipp Siempelkamp.

Over five days the Siempelkamp team had an intensive exchange with customers from all around the world. 

The company’s show logo was “When digitalization contributes to sustainability”, with the focus on the these two megatrends in the wood-based panel industry.

Resource efficiency, environmental technology, and recycling "engineered by Siempelkamp" were a main focus of the trade show presentation. The Krefeld-based technology supplier also emphasized its new platform "IQ", which integrates all digital processes and tools over the life cycle of a plant.