New HCOS high-capacity oscillating screen for dry flake screening in particleboard production

8 July 2019

Building on its experience with oscillating screens for particleboard production Dieffenbacher has developed the new HCOS high-capacity oscillating screen for more throughput with less investment. The HCOS is developed specifically for producing high volumes.

It is available in three sizes with the largest version enabling throughput of 260m³/hour. The HCOS high-capacity oscillating screen can be equipped with the new Mechanical Inclination Change (MIC) feature. By adjusting the screen’s inclination from 8° to 6° or 10°, material flow can be decreased or increased. This makes capacities of up to 325m³/hour possible.

With lightweight frames made of edged laser-cut profiles and enclosure panels and doors made of light sandwich panels with high stiffness, the HCOS weighs just 60% of comparable screens.

Meeting ATEX safety standards, the HCOS is ready for indoor installation. All new HCOS high-capacity oscillating screens feature Integrated Flameless Explosion Relief (IFER).