This year, two new exhibitions joined the network of Eumabois, which gathers 14 national associations including over 800 European manufacturers: Tekhnodrev Siberia, is scheduled next September 10-13 in Krasnoyarsk Russia, and Woodworking in Minsk, Belaris, October 1-4.

"This is one of very few exceptions to our rule of supporting one and only one exhibition in each country", said Franz-Josef Buetfering, president of Eumabois.

"We took into consideration the huge extension of ‘Great Russia’ and the long distance between Moscow, the second exhibition we are supporting this year."

"The decision to include Woodworking in our network came after two years of contacts."

The full list of 21 exhibitions included in the ‘Eumabois club’ can be found on the federation’s website: