SWL Tischlerplatten Betriebs-GmbH based in Langenberg, which has had a shareholding since May 1, 2012 and brought its own line of laminboards and doorblanks with them, is now taking over all of the laminboard business as well as production in Bad Tölz.

HVG Holzwerkstoffe Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, which negotiated business on behalf of both companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, and was owned in equal parts by Moralt AG and SWL, will solely transact for SWL going forward.

The sales and administration of Moralt products within all European countries will be managed from now on by Moralt’s own sales department and will consult with customers directly through internal sales as well as in person.

With regard to the remaining international sales areas, excluding Europe, Moralt’s products will still be sold in partnership with Halspan Ltd, Edinburgh, UK.