The annual birch plywood production capacity at the Pärnu mill will be 50,000m3 and the total investment is approximately €55m.

The birch veneers will be produced in Äänekoski Finland and plywood will then be manufactured at the Pärnu mill. The new birch plywood mill will create approximately 200 jobs from the Pärnu area.

The mill will start production at by end of 2018 and the construction agreement, signed between Metsä and Nordecon AS, includes the construction of the production hall of 29,000m2 and the non-work rooms and office premises.

The construction of the birch plywood mill in Pärnu is part of a €100m investment programme  of Metsä Wood. The programme is carried out during 2017-2018.

“This is an important investment for Metsä Wood and the whole Metsä Group. It is done to better meet the globally growing plywood demand and to further improve Metsä Wood’s industrial efficiency,” said CEO of Metsä Group Kari Jordan.