A new birch veneer peeling and drying line is planned to be built in Äänekoski to the Metsä Group’s Pulp and Paperboard Industries’ mill site. This veneer production is planned to be processed in a new plywood mill to be constructed in Estonia. Suolahti mill’s current birch veneer line is planned to be transferred to Estonia. The total annual birch plywood production volume would increase by approximately 30,000m3.

Production of a new softwood based speciality product with an annual volume of approximately 60,000m3 is planned to be established at the Suolahti mill. The final investment decision will be made at a later stage.

The annual production capacity of the Kerto LVL mill in Lohja is planned to be increased by 20,000m3 by replacing two oldest production lines with one new line. The increased capacity combined with the higher product quality enables strengthening of Metsä Wood’s position especially in markets outside Europe.