Used as nest sites by insects such as solitary bees, insect hotels have come to play an important role in helping local wildlife to thrive, especially in urbanised areas. In city or town environments that lack enough natural space to allow wildlife to prosper, insect hotels can make all the difference. Plus, they are a great learning tool for children!

“Being part of the All Ireland Pollinator Plan is another step for raising support for the environment and awareness of how much we can influence it,” said Medite Smartply environmental officer, Federico Mento. “We want future generations to continue to enjoy our landscape and resources. This is why we, as a company, are committed to managing all our activities in a sustainable way.”

Carpenter John Tobin created each hotel. “John Tobin is an excellent choice for this project, as he has previously made a beehive out of MTX with great success,” said Jamie Buckett, research and development technician at Medite Smartply. “It was only natural for us to commission John once again for the insect hotels.”