Craig Bartlett, managing director of UK-based MDFR, recently confirmed the completion of a substantial investment round that has provided the company with the resources to accelerate the commercialisation of our technology.

“The support of new investors who had thoroughly researched the market, our technology and business plan is a significant vote of confidence in the company,” said Mr Bartlett.

“More importantly, it ensures that we have the resources to complete industrialisation of our technology and accelerate its commercial roll-out. With funding now in place, MDFR says it is in a position to apply the learnings from an 18 month

“Closing the Loop in the MDF Supply Chain” research programme with Kronospan, supported by Innovate UK, alongside other development activity with partners including Nottingham University and the Centre for Process Innovation.

“We are now close to defining blueprints for full scale industrialisation and are aiming for the first operational plant to be up and running in 2022.”

The company has previously successfully concluded proof of concept trials to develop a commercially viable process to recover wood fibre from used or off-cuts of MDF.

The process is designed to offer the first ever alternative to landfilling or incineration of MDF and offers a closed loop recycling opportunity for the wood panel sector.

MDFR’s solution is designed to generate a new secondary material source for the wood/natural fibre industry that displaces the need for new virgin materials and comes at a time when demand for virgin timber from many other sources is growing.

The company has a pilot plant which is currently being used to optimise the process and host demonstrations for industrial end users.