The company reported that it responded to the emergency with internal resources, firefighters from Cabrero and Yumbel, as well as air resources, and that there were no employees injured or fatalities.

Masisa said the fire In the afternoon of December 30 in the La Colonia sector, behind the industrial complex that MASISA owns in the Cabrero district was caused by the strong wind, high temperatures and low relative humidity present at that time, spread rapidly to the biomass storage area, which is the raw material for the cogeneration plant owned by Neomás, which is located within the complex.

The power plant generates 66Whr and 200,000 tons of steam per year. The plant is fuelled by wood by-products of the production process (biomass) generated in the industrial complex.

In relation to tangible assets, Masisa said there was only damage to minor facilities, which do not impede the normal functioning of its industrial operations in the complex.

Meanwhile, Masisa has also announced that it had liquidated all its assets in Argentina.