"We were the first in the Nordic region to manufacture CLT when we launched production in 2003. We have learned a lot since then, and are now ready to take the next step and further increase our total processing capacity," says ceo Mr Martinson.

CLT consists of solid panels of planed spruce that are glued together, with every other layer being cross laid. The panels are often used in walls, floors and ceilings. Martinsons has so far manufactured panels with a width of 1.2m, but the new line will make possible storey-high panels, with a width of 3m.

"Planning will be even simpler and quicker, which will enable us to be a more flexible supplier," explains Mr Martinson.
Martinsons’ sales efforts will continue to focus on the Nordic markets, but the company also sees potential for sales of CLT to the UK.

Construction of the new line will commence in spring 2016, and commissioning will take place in September of the same year.