The panel connection challenge received many good ideas that could be used in practice and the winner was selected by a group of experts from Metsä Wood. "The level of the designs we received exceeded our expectations," says the head of the jury, Jussi Björman, Director of Technical Customer Service.

The winning design is a large I-beam structure based on using Kerto LVL (laminated veneer lumber) products. Two long panels are placed as the top and bottom chords. The wall panels are placed between the chords and act as a web. The panels are connected together using a thin strip of panel. The system is strong and very easy to scale. In addition, the amount of waste is minimal.

"This idea is simple, yet effective. It also offers the potential to adjust the size of the wall depending on the need," says Björman. " The idea can also be easily modified by replacing the connecting wood panel with steel plate or a half-lap connection."

The winner, Nazar Shklianka, received a prize of €5,000.