Louisiana-Pacific Corporation (LP) curtailed production of OSB beginning August 25 at its Dawson Creek, British Columbia, mill, but said the mill would continue to manufacture LP TechShield Radiant Barrier Sheathing.

The Dawson Creek OSB mill was built in 1987 and employs 114 people. LP said that about 26 employees would be retained to operate the TechShield Radiant Barrier line, and maintain the plant and equipment.

Executive vice president of OSB Jeff Wagner said the company expects to resume OSB press production at the mill as housing starts to improve.

“We are maintaining our wood license and mill equipment to be ready to resume press production when housing activity permits,he added.

Dawson Creek mayor Mike Bernier said LP had been a staple of the community and a major local employer for several decades and paid tribute to the mill’s management for having withstood the forestry sector downturn.