Lignol Energy Corporation, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is undergoing development and trials of its first renewable chemical product, a resin adhesive formulation using Lignol’s High-Performance Lignin, for making OSB.

Lignol’s proprietary resin adhesive formulation is a hybrid resin system that contains derivatives of the company’s HP-LTM lignin for use in manufacture of the OSB core layer.

FPInnovations conducted board trials of Lignol’s HP-LTM resin adhesive system.

In the most recent trial, the research institute produced 20 4x8ft, 7/16in thick OSB panels made from aspen at the Alberta Tech Futures facility using Lignol’s new HP-LTM resin adhesive system for the core layer.

The tests revealed that OSB containing Lignol’s HP-LTM resin adhesive met or exceeded Canadian and US industry quality standards.

Lignol president and ceo Ross MacLachlan said the findings of the tests paved the way to “enormous worldwide markets for High-Performance Lignin formulations in other applications like particleboard, plywood and MDF for the composite wood products industry.”