Due to last years’ investments in production capacity, this year Latvijas Finieris is planning 10% increase in turnover and to strengthen its market share in Europe and to find new cooperation partners all over the world, says the company.

Latvijas Finieris continues its pay rise policy initiated six years ago. Its target, along with simultaneous growth in productivity, is to increase the purchasing power index when compared to the salary in the Northern region (Sweden, Finland) annually by an average 6-9% until 2020.

Latvijas Finieris is sure about its future and therefore an average pay level has been increased by 7% in 2016 reaching average gross income of €1,244.

This year Latvijas Finieris is planning 8% increase in pay level. With every year, the group’s overall tax contribution to the Latvia’s state and municipality budget is increasing and in 2016 reached a level of €20m (employment taxes €16.1m, other taxes €1.6m million, mandatory purchase component €2.2m).

Latvijas Finieris is one of the largest birch plywood producing companies in the world with production in all Baltic countries and in Finland.