European laminate flooring producers recorded their second best year in 2010, according to new statistics.

Members of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) achieved worldwide sales of 479 million m2 during the year (2009: 443 million m2). The best year was in 2007 when about 500 million m2 was sold.

EPLF members’ market share in the laminate flooring market grew by 8.1%.
Western European core markets remained stable, with sales rising 14 million m2 to 299 million m2.

The German market experienced a slight decrease but it remains the largest single market in Europe with 83 million m2 sold. Turkey moves up to second place with 52 million m2 (2009: 26 million m2), followed by France, the UK and the Netherlands.

In eastern Europe, record sales of 104 million m² were recorded. Poland was the largest market at 28 million m2, but Russia is not far behind and its sales are increasing rapidly.

Sales in North America accounted for 41 million m2 (2009: 36 million m2). South American sales totalled 16 million m2.