Lamigraf intends to purchase a new paper impregnation line at the facility it acquired from Decorprint Decorativos do Parana Ltda in late 2012. The 20 million m2/year unit is expected to be installed and operating early next year, say regional media reports.

After 30 years in the regional market, the company acquired the Decorprint business with its 50,000m2 Curitiba industrial site. The 10,000m2 plant is now equipped with a 15 million m2/year coating line for finish foil and two engraving printing machines.

Lamigraf do Brasil products include printed papers for low and high pressure laminates as well as finish foil and Unicolours. Initial plans include continuity of Decorprint designs in the market, a new Latin America catalogue and installation of a new 2.13m wide print line.

"The new impregnation line will allow us to cover a significant part of the market to which, until now, we had no access. It is a significant investment that, coupled with the current print capacity, will help us consolidate our position in Brazil," explained regional ceo Pep Colomer.