The international supplier, based in Barcelona, Spain, is understood to have taken over the Paraná state plant of the old established Brazilian laminate papers producer Decorprint Decorativos do Parana Ind e Com Ltda.

Lamigraf, which opened a sales operation in Brazil some years ago, has been establishing its Brazilian manufacturing base in Curitiba for about a month. It is in the process of organising its local workforce and trial production, according to the Brazilian industry online news portal eMobile.

Lamigraf was said to be expecting to inaugurate its new operation before the end of this year.

The move brings Lamigraf into tighter regional competition with major global players in the decorative laminate supply business. European competitors Schattdecor and Impress (formerly Masa Decor) already have plants in Brazil and Impress was investing in impregnation capacity this year.