Imal will exhibit its OSB Blender (IPO). It says this not only saves resin and space, but also increases blending efficiency while decreasing cleaning time.
Another new product that entirely removes doffing rolls from the process, thereby eliminating material degradation, is Imal’s bin outfeed system for existing and new bins. Other new products include the on-line microwave moisture meter (UM900); surface density analyzer for forming machines (FDM100), which regulates the vertical positioning of the scalper to obtain constant layer weight; Press Security Device (PSD), which identifies mat impurities and also density profile; surface quality controller (SDG) to detect surface defects; ‘007’ Bond Classifier, which determines panel bond and detects blows, blisters and delamination and offers a measurement similar to that of an internal bond. The measurement is displayed with a colour depth of 256 colours and board quality is also indicated during production. As well as various X-ray density gauges for mats and panels, Imal will also show its established products.
Building B1-1, Booth 4658